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What are dildos for?

Depending on your anatomy and the exact toy you’re using, a dildo’s movement can massage a variety of internal erogenous zones. Such hot spots include the internal clitoris, urethral sponge (prostate and G-spot), anal sphincter, rectum, cervix, and A-spot.

If you have a vulva with a short clit-vag gap, you may also enjoy bending squishy or textured dildos for indirect external grinding during penetration.

As a general safety precaution, though, if you’re using a dildo anally, it should have a flared base or loop to stop the phallus from getting lost inside!

Picking Vibrator power isn’t everything: other factors to consider

If you find the right type of power for you, high intensity isn’t necessary!

Versatility is key when finding out what kind of vibrator works for you. For clitoral vibrators, consider one that has a round or flat face and a pointy tip.

You may find that you like rumbly and low-speed vibrators, or that weak vibrations can still work for you as long as the tip is pointy enough , like a bullet.

If you tend to be sensitive after orgasm, consider a vibrator with many speed options and buttons for increasing and decreasing intensity.Also large and rumbly wand vibrators can feel great against a clitoris and a penis. If you can’t orgasm via penetration alone, that’s normal! The exact numbers vary, depending on the sources you consult, but anywhere between 55–85% of people with vulvas need external stimulation. Consider pairing a dildo with stroking or a vibrator outside!

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