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Dam is my Vagina Old

It's not just your face that can give your age away, your vagina is getting older too.

While you might pore over the lines and wrinkles on your forehead in the mirror every morning, it’s less likely you are looking ‘down there’. However, just like the rest of your body, it’s going through the ageing process. How does a normal vagina age?

Every woman and every vagina is different, and it’s completely understandable to wonder, ‘is my vagina normal?’. But a healthy vagina will continue to change as we go through life – this is totally normal. Key life transitions such as pregnancy and menopause will have an effect on your genitals, just as they do on the rest of your body. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, and wrinkles become more pronounced. Something similar happens to your vagina. Estrogen helps to keep skin plump and more elastic. Consequently, hormonal decreases as a result of aging mean a loss in elasticity of the vagina. This is known as vulvo-vaginal atrophy, or VVR. The vaginal walls thin out and can become dry and inflamed. Kegel exercises probably won't help, but any kind of activity that simulates and invigorates the area might, including sexual arousal. A doctor might even recommend a vaginal moisturizer or prescribe a topical or oral estrogen. If you choose a more natural way “Yoni Oil. In response to dropping estrogen levels, the uterus can actually change size. "As women get older, the uterus itself tends to get smaller," “Similarly, the vaginal entrance can narrow with age. "All of the tissue tends to constrict, particularly if it isn't being used," this narrowing can lead to irritation, dryness, and sometimes, inflammation of the vaginal wall—a condition called atrophic vaginitis. Left untreated, atrophic vaginitis can cause bleeding and painful sex and pelvic exams. That being said, maintaining a certain level of sexual activity can offset some narrowing—although there isn't any kind of externally mandated level of how often you should be getting busy. "It needs to be what's satisfying and comfortable for the woman and her partner," SO BOTTOM LINE YOU DON‘T USE IT YOU LOSE IT !!! As time goes on, musculature and ligaments supporting the pelvic floor start to relax. In some cases, the urethra may actually move in relation to the bladder, which can cause leaking. For stress-related incontinence—when you pee a little after coughing or sneezing—YONI EGG or BEN WALL BALLS ladies done with Kegels . Ladies that was not happy news so what we need to do is start taking care of our Vagina like we do our face ... Value your Vagina.. I am Steaming as I am writing this ... because I plan to use Ms thing this weekend lol

Yes your Vagina deserves a Budget !! shugamama is out 💋💋💋

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