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What Does a Sexologist Do !!

Have you ever wondered what happens in a sex coaching session?

If you have, you’re not alone! It’s literally one of the first questions we get asked by potential clients. And – because we are people are always curious about the kinds of experiences they might have if they book a session or zoom

Tell Me What You Want for Yourself!!

Whether you are coming in by yourself or with your Boo the first step is for you to share what you are hoping to get out of the session

It’s important that your goals are always central to the work you are doing in session. You should tell your coach what your relationship, sex goals Are .

Goals to Consider as an Individual Client:

  • Feel more connected to my sexuality

  • Find a fulfilling relationship

  • Become a more sensual and present lover

  • Overcome a sexual dysfunction like ED or the Inability to orgasm

  • Enjoy pleasure again even though I’ve experienced intimacy trauma from past Relationships

  • Celebrate who I am As in sexual desires identity type of relationship roles

Additional Goals to Consider in Session with Your Partner:

  • I want us to have a more fun little fire 🔥 in the bedroom

  • Start having sex again even though it’s been quite a while

  • Resolve the resentments between us – so we spend less time fighting and more time giving each other pleasure

  • Deal with the incompatibilities in our sexual desires

  • introducing new things and techniques into the bedroom.

In the next step, the coaching gets more experiential. To move towards being able to experiment with new ways of intimacy, you must first drop in and feel your body and your emotion intimacy requires presents, and sexual intimacy requires embodiment. what is of utmost importance for you not to be afraid to talk about any feelings of shame about sex or embarrassment that might hold you back from being able to fully participate. Your coach will help you get more connected with your body And desires . You’ll explore your feelings and fears that might be getting in the way of your sexual fulfillment.

Bring your Milkshake to the Yard

Once you’ve gotten more in touch with your body and feelings, the next step is to find an experience or experiment that helps you advance in your sexual growth .

Bringing your Milkshake to the Yard

is something you haven’t tried before or have trouble doing – but that you feel ready to take on and try. It’s the job of your coach to help you identify your Milkshake and Help you Bring it to the Yard !!!

An example:

Talking to your partner in a sexy way “Dirty Talk” because you get embarrassed and don’t really know what to say or how to say it.

As your coach she will offer you an experiment you can do to practice. If you are doing individual coaching, your coach will be your practice partner. If you are there with a partner, your coach will demonstrate it, and you will practice with your partner.

Your coach is not trying to make you be a certain way, but instead experientially help you explore who you are, what you like, and what you are capable when it comes to sex and relationships This will deepen your self-knowledge, and help you find out what kinds of experiences, expressions, and connections you want to have in your life.

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