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The 1099 Retail Package is designed for  You to start your Yoni  Bussiness or Add products to your existing business. All products are private label. Allowing you to start immediately selling and maximize your profit.


​🐝: Bonus 

60 Minute Coaching session 

This package comes with access into our exclusive wholesale website. product categories 

🛍Yoni products

🛍Bath and body

🛍Candles  and Sage 

🛍Face Care 

🛍Hair Care 

Private Label all products come packed and ready to sell, Private Label. Allow you to Concentrate on your clients and building your business. 


🐝: You receive Access to our Yoni pricing Course. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Pricing and maximize your profit. 


🐝 :1099 Retail Package Includes 


🐝: Six universal Steam Blend ( 18 to 43  herbs)  Steam Pack of 1/4 cup 


          6. Detox/Purification Blend
          6: BV Blend 
          6: PMS / Menstrual Blend   
          6: Fertility Blend

💐Yoni signature foam wash -3

💐Yoni BV  Foam wash  -3

💐Yoni BV Bar -3

💐Yoni Signature Bar -3

💐Yoni Tea -6

💐 V12 suppositories -30

💐Menstrual Pad  enhancer -4

💐Yoni oil - 8

💐Yoni Scrub-6

💐Yoni Wipes - 6

💐PH  After Sex Power -6

💐Krazy Fresh Spray- 8

💐Yoni Pops -30

💐Libido Tea -5

💐Yummy Cummy - 5

💐3 Yoni Eggs 

💊 Juicy Fruit Pill ( woman) 15

💊 Night stamina (men ) 15 

Products Ingredients list will be email after purchase


​*FREE Domestic Shipping



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