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This course has been designed to build a foundation from which you may explore world of aromatherapy and essential oils.

This course include;

Live Zoom ( 90 Mins )

40 mins on demand video

5 Downloadable resources


coupons and discounts codes

Certificate of completion

Discovering Aromatherapy and Essential oils

Use essential oils safely

self-care and natural healing

Exploring Essential Oils & Hydrosols

How Essential Oils are Produce

Where to apprehend quality Essential Oils.

Great ways to use essential oils.

Exploring the basic and Base Oils

The basics about Herbal Oils infusion


Understand the research behind WHY essential oils work.

How it helps people improve their health and well being with essential.

Clearly understanding what aromatherapy can and can't do.

Enhance your existing business through the use of essential oils (They're a great addition to a wide range of businesses)

Blending and Creating making Products for retail

Know how to add Essential Oils to a variety of body care products.

body butter

hand soap

bath salt

Candle Making

Body Oil Soap

Lip balms, room sprays + linen sprays

Natural cleaning product

Discovering Sage and Sage bundles

Create blends to help ease

physical pain and symptoms

balance difficult emotions(such as anxiety and fear) that integrate aroma + energetics of essential oils

Create natural products and blends that are safe for children, pregnant or nursing women,

Retail pricing of essential oil products

Pricing and Packaging

Safety and Essential Oils

🌿learn about handling essential oils .

🌿Learn about importance of Storage/ shelf life

🌿Coupon and Discount Oils

Aromatherapy Certification Course

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