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Herbal certified Class

Introduction to Herbs and essential oils

certification 150 Hours

Take charge of your health with herbal medicine. Using herbs and natural holistic medicine is easy, effective and safe. Nearly 30 percent of Americans are practicing alternative healing methods in some capacity to improve general health . This course will teach and give you the knowledge about herbs and essential oils , that will enable you to break into this emerging industry. With this knowledge you can explore the field of alternative medicine and herbs

What you'll learn

Here’s what you’ll get from the course:

· Practical understanding of what herbalism is and how it works.

· Know how to make teas, oils, salves, bath salts , syrups, compresses , yoni steams and poultices.

· Details of over 20 of the most commonly used medicinal herbs.

* History of herbal medicine and how it’s evolved, An understanding of plants, Herb classifications.

* The Basic of blending essential oils

* The philosophy of the holistic Products and how to market them . Sell them

* Herbs and how to define them

* An understanding of plants, Herb classifications.


Foundations of Herbs

* Introduction to Benefit of Herbs

* Cultivating Relationships with Healing Plants • Medical use of Herbs

* Herbal safety

* 20 foundation Herbs

* Flower Essences “oil “

* Guidelines Drying Herbs

* Yoni Herbs MODULE 2

Healing Herbs Tea Making

* Tea Origin

* Types of Tea

* Tea Making


Topical Herbal Preparations and Natural Body Care

* Infused Oils and Salves

* Poultices /compresses

* Introduction to Aromatherapy

* Salt Scrubs /sugar Scrubs

* Massage Oils

* Basic Yoni Steam

* Herbal syrub


Rules of a Herbalist

* Which type of insurance you’ll need

* How to distinguish yourself from the crowd with your own herbal mojo

* The legal requirements for practicing herbalism in the United States

* How to properly label your herbal products

* How to market your wares or services through social media and list-building

* Where to continue learning, connect with other herbalists, and stay up-to-date with herbal laws and regulations

* Final Test

There will be 4 instructional videos

Two Text books

Herbal Kit “ Samples”

Step-by-step instructions for each lesson.

Herbal recipes

A 150-hour certificate of completion, upon completing all the required coursework within Three to Five months

Herbal Certification Course

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