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What we smell triggers extremely powerful messages to and from the brain.  The aromas for this blend  inspires the emotions  of  love and attaction .In fact, smells play such a key role in human attraction at the scientific level.  Research on pheromones – the unique chemical signals of attraction which are released and detected by others – BURN tis sage stick  in the am and before goinn to bed . 

  • Australian Sandalwood 
  • Clary Sage 
  • Palmarosa 
  • Patchouli  
  • Ylang Ylang  
  • Jasmine Absolute 
  • Rose Absolute 
  • Vanilla Absolute 


Ylang Ylang: 

Uniquely calming, cooling, and euphoric  Known for soothing anxieties and conflicts, Ylang Ylang has a euphoric effect on the nervous system.  This is a must-have EO to enhance attraction and enjoy a deeply sensual, erotic experience.



Uniquely able to mingle with everyone’s own natural body odors, which means Sandalwood produces different aromas and pheremones for each person!  Brings out the best in you, something very personal.


Patchouli:   Patchouli aids in a sharp mind and being fully present with a partner or self, as well as overcoming fatigue.  Thus, big libido boost! Helps men relax and arouse.

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