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Keep your skin bump-free  and even between waxes with our secret weapon No Shade Ingrown Hair Serum. Its  an alcohol-free formula. 


  1. Do you have stubborn dark spots that just won’t go away?
  2. Do you sometimes get a bump after waxing?
  3. Do you have any razor bumps after shaving?
  4. Are you looking for a natural product that will not cause irritation but works?


If so – then trust us when we say No Shade Serum Treatment will be your saviour.


Formulated with

1.lemon extract

2.aloe vera



5.natural salicylic acid and other herbs



The blemish-blasting spot treatment  with eye of tiger roll on  reaches deep within the affected area to remove stubborn razor, wax, bumps/pimples and to fade noticeable dark spots that won’t easily disappear on your Yoni or any problem area.


How to use it?

After washing your Yoni with your  Sweet Spot Yoni wash apply a small dab of the product onto the affected area. I suggest you use the spot treatment  for stubborn spot at night before bedtime .

No Shade Serum

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