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This Bundle is Everything You Need to balance your PH and you save $


A NATURALLY SAFE and EFFECTIVE SUPPORT FOR UNWANTED VAGINAL ISSUES! - Are you frustrated from dealing with unwanted vaginal symptoms? Don't ignore these issues, restore your normal pH balance levels and take care of your well-being!

😍 (Seven ) V12 Yoni Suppository Treatments

FEEL HEALTHIER & REFRESHED WITH V12 (Vagina vitamins) Restore your confidence and give your Yoni a boost with V12 .One suppository contain 12 essential Herbs to naturally protect against

1.vaginal odor.

2. Fight yeast infection

3.Maintain PH Balance

4. Tighten

5. Remove blockage “ old Blood “

6. Get Ride of Dryness

7. Heightened orgasm

8. Break Sole Ties

9. Detox

10.Fights BV

11. Fights STD trichomonas

12. Cyst Store in cool place.

Before use place in refrigerate to harden the suppositories.


😍 Krazy Fresh Spray

Great to be used After sex or before for a fresh and clean feeling.

Use this product for everyday use.:

A.Neutralizes odor 

B.Absorbs moisture.

This products won’t disrupt your natural pH. 😍 Ultimate Yoni Oil is

💋Crafted with 4 types of Pure Organic carrier oils. This enables the blend to give your your maxium properties of all 14 herbs. This yoni oil has the ability to aid in protecting your yoni against tiggers such as

🧐 Stress

🧐 Diet

🧐 fluctuating hormones

🧐 sexual intercourse

😍 health and wellness.

😍 Maintains PH levels of your yoni

😍 Aids in relieving Vaginal itching

😍 Healing from Yeast /Minor bacterial infections

😍 Relieves Vaginal Dryness

😍 Aid with Natural toning & tightening of Yoni

😍 This oil is a natural antibacterial/anti fungal

😍 Ajds with aftercare from shaving, waxing

😍 soothe irritated skin


How to use; Apply a few drops, after showering to external area.Can also be applied to your bath.May be used as often as you like.


😍 Sweet Spot form Wash (Free travel Size )

Is a natural plant-based intimate foaming wash for all women. This wash will help restore the pH balance of your lady parts and eliminate bacteria and odor. Our wash does not contain any

  1. sulfates 
  2. propylene glycol,
  3. parabens
  4. perfumes  
  5. phthalates, or harmful chemicals that are found in other .                   Remember, your body is your temple. This will have your Sweet Spot smelling Fresh daily! Wash your labia and skin and let the warm soapy water clean around your labia. Rinse completely and pat your vulva dry with a soft towel.washes.                      



Shee PH Balance Kit

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