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Your strength is your foundation and Krush gives you fitness for your love life! For women, strength isn't a choice, It's a way of life.

Shee Krush Kegel exerciser provides smart kegel health by helping strengthen and and tone the PC Muscle that runs from front to back of a woman's body and acts as a girdle to hold everything together your pelvic floor, which weakens over time due to childbirth and age. There is a built-in sensor that measures pelvic floor muscle strength while the built-in motor provides haptic training feedback and pleasure. Equipped with built-in sensor technology & a strong motor for deep vibrations, Krush measures the pressure, control, endurance, and grip of your PC muscles. Simply connect to tasl, and you'll build the strength to control your flow, enhance your pleasure, and love more about life.

They will aid better sex also the preparation for childbirth and during your recovery. With use you will have improved bladder control and improve the intensity of your sexual satisfaction. There is real-time visual feedback of your PC Muscle activity and you can track your progress. Shee Krush uses a system called tasl (The Art and Science of Love), the app is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, iOS and Android. Exercising your PC muscle with our Kegel weights gives you all the gain without the pain, You will really be able to orgasm like never before. Shee Krush, a Bluetooth Kegel exerciser that uses haptic (vibratory) and visual feedback along with voice-guided training programs to aid women in toning and strengthening pelvic floor (PC) muscles through regular Kegel exercise.

Some women find it easier to insert by lying on the bed and pull their knees up or in the bathroom that same way you insert a tampon, Always use a Water Based Lubricant to help inserting them easier, there is never too much thing as too much lube. To remove, wrap the very flexible silicone retrieval cord or tail around your finger once or twice and tug gently. Shee Krush Kegel exerciser come in a nice display box with a storage pouch to take them with you on your travels for a naughty weekend or just to keep the PC muscles toned.

Women and men have a pelvic floor muscle. The pelvic floor muscles basically hold in the internal organs - the uterus, the bladder, those sorts of things. We're supposed to exercise this muscle, because it keeps all that stuff in place. As we age, that muscle will get weaker, just like all of the muscles in our bodies. So by exercising that, you can keep that part of your body nice and healthy. If you are preparing for childbirth, doing your kegel exercises will help with delivery. Same thing happens after you have your baby - that muscle gets all stretched out, and so you want to exercise it and bring it back into place. Doing kegel exercise can also improve incontinence for people.

This toy is made from high quality FDA-approved Silicone since it is truly the most desirable material in the adult toy industry.

Materials: Silicone

Length: 6 inches (overall)

Insertable Length: 3.5 inch

Width: 1.3 inch

Powered By Rechargeable Batteries with USB charge cable

Shee Krush

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