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This set includes Two  Tea Sample 
Brewing up your favorite tea just got a whole lot easier with this microwavable glass teapot. Now there’s no need to boil your water separately before putting it into your tea brewer. Simply remove the stainless steel infuser and lid, fill the pot and microwave until boiling.

Then put the infuser back into the teapot filled with your favorite tea leaves and let steep. It’s as simple as that! The high-quality ultra fine mesh infuser will never rust and allows your tea leaves to steep until you have the perfectly brewed cup!

Traditional Preparation 

1.Boil cold filtered water and pour halfway into tea pot and teacups to warm them up. ...

2.Set the correct water temperature for your tea. ...

3. Put 2 heaping teaspoons of tea (whole leaf tea is best) into tea pot.

4.Steep tea for the amount of time on your tea package. ...
Pour filtered tea into teacups.

Shee loves Tea Infuser set

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