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What Makes this Yoni Oil the Best on the Market


💋Crafted with 4 types of Pure Organic carrier oils.

💋 Infused with 14 organic herbs.


This enables the blend to carries properties of all 14 herbs. This yoni oil has the ability to aid in protecting your yoni in every tiggers such as

🧐 Stress

🧐 Diet

🧐 fluctuating hormones,

🧐 sexual intercourse.


Benefits Include:


😍 health and wellness.

😍Safe for daily use external intimate area.

😍 Maintains PH levels of your yoni 

😍 Aids in relieving Vaginal itching

😍 Healing from Yeast /Minor bacterial infections

😍 Relieves Vaginal Dryness

😍 Aid with Natural toning & tightening of Yoni

😍 Aid to the rid vagina of any malodor

😍 Sage for personal lubricating or yoni eggs

😍 refreshing taste(safe for oral ingestion

😍 This oil is a natural antibacterial/anti fungal

😍 Ajds with aftercare from shaving, waxing

😍 soothe irritated skin


How to use;

Apply a few drops, after showering to external area.Can also be applied to your bath.May be used as often as you like.



Organic NON-GMO, Cold-Pressed Aloe Vera , Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Red raspberry oil.Lemongrass oil, Neem oil. Oregano Oil. Organic herbs; Red Raspberry Leaf, Juniper Berries, Peony Flowers, Dong Quai, Yarrow, Lavender Flowers, Red Roses.Sage, Thyme, Calendula, Clove, Geranium and Witch Hazel. If you have allergies to any ingredient we can custom make your yoni oil.. ..

Shee the Bomb Yoni Oil

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