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To boost your Prosperity ,Money and wealth.

Burn this sage infuse stick . This set comes with three crystals to boost one’s luck nothing must not be overlooked . We cover all bases 


  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Bergamot  
  • Rose



for health, wealth, and attraction

Blue chamomile ;

for opening and healing;

sandalwood :

for meditation and peace


Let’s not forget Mango ginger for healing, balance, and chakra purification. Mango ginger is part of the turmeric family with its soft, warm aroma and a hint of spice.


This set comes with three crystals ready to support you on your Journey.


Tiger Eye -Stone Bringing insight into complex situations.Protecting from negative energies.Helping focus the mind.Attracting good luck.Deepening one's meditative state.Grounding and centering personal energy.Dispelling fears. Promoting mental clarity.


Green Aventurine- comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. It is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance and success. Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it, and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues.


Citrine citrine- is used to treat bladder diseases and imbalances in the thyroid gland. Citrine is believed to be of value in healing the spiritual self as well, as it is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement.


BENEFITS OF SAGE : For thousands of years Sage has been a natural way to heal man. Whether it be in the form of, an oil, a tea, smoked or even juiced, it is a medicinal phenomenon. Sage is considered sacred and is an Angelic fragrance. It purifies environments and draws protection to home or person. When burned the smoke heals and brings one back into balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. Burning Sage can help to relieve worry, open the mind, clear negative thoughts and feelings, and de-stress the spirit. The smoke clears away negative energy and attracts positive energy


HOW TO SMUDGE: Move in a clockwise direction around your house (usually starting at the front door), and gently wave the smoke into the air. Spend a bit more time smudging the room corners, as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy. Be sure to also open the closet doors and carefully smudge inside. Do not forget about spaces such as the laundry room, the garage, and the basement.Even the happiest homes accumulate negative vibrations over time, so feng shui practitioners find it helpful to smudge the home at least several times a year. Some people smudge as much as once a week. Enjoy

Prosperity/ Money Attraction Infused Sage

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