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Ain’t Nothing Wrong with a little Masturbation 😛

  1. Set The Mood: the brain is our biggest sex organ. 

If your head is spinning with thoughts and the events of the day, it’s going to be really challenging to listen to what your body wants. We get ourselves into a good head space through:

  • Mindfulness - doing a quick meditation to clear our head does WONDERS.

  • Take a bath! (If you’re feeling fancy, add some essential oils or bubbles. You deserve it.)

  • Put on a playlist that makes you feel sexy - this is our


  1. Start At Sensual Before Sexual

Even before going straight to the “act”, might we recommend a bit of sensual foreplay with yourself? Look at this as an unapologetic exploration of your body. No shame, no negative talk - just full appreciation of the beautiful person that you inhabit. Start with soft and gentle strokes, touching yourself over your clothing, massaging your neck and shoulders - just utter permission to surrender and feel good. Noises are highly encouraged. 


  1. Set Erotic Channel aka Porn

It always helps to have a little support in getting yourself aroused. When we are feeling like we want to listen more than watch, we switch on the app Dipsea, which offers sexy audio stories and “wellness sessions” that spark your erotic imagination. Designed with women in mind, they are relatable and empowered experiences that are diverse and interesting. Think: porn but with really hot radio voices.

If you’re a more visual person, we sometimes start with visualizing fantasies or past experiences that have turned us on. If we need a bit more, we turn on some porn. 


  1. Masturbation With Sex Toys ( See are R M for Mature section)

Toys are a great way to figure out the kinds of sensations and vibrations you like. The choices and variety can be overwhelming, but below are some of our favorite toys for solo playtime:

love bullets : discreet, portable, and multi-dimensional - we love the Bullet and all 9 of its vibration settings. Oh, it’s also waterproof! (Bathtub anyone?)

Roses are : perfect for self-exploration, this high-end technology and six vibration settings stimulates your clitoris without even touching it. Yes, it’s true - the soft pressure waves gently suck your clitoris, leaving you with a whole new kind of orgasm.

A luxury vibrator g spot stroker with a warming sensation! With three speeds, 7 vibration settings, and thumping that mimics licking, we LOVE the versatility of this toy. There’s also a ‘Turbo Max’ button which puts the licking AND vibrating motors in effect. This instantly boosts both motors up to their maximum speed, giving you an outrageous blast of intense sensation!

:Wands are extra in ALL the right ways. We're talking extra-long charge and extra-soft silicone, meaning, extra intense orgasms. This ultimate foreplay massager is great for solo play or with a partner, easing your body and reliving stress exactly where you need it. With 10 different massage patterns, a stead handle, and incredible power, be prepared for hours (and hours) of pleasure.

Start Masturbating!

Now that you’re armed with all the information and tools that you might need, go forth, enjoy and discover yourself. Remember, there is no “right” way to do this - masturbation looks different for everyone, as it should. In the midst of all the current chaos, touching yourself truly is the best act of self-love you can provide.

Your friendly certified sexologist 💋

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