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This gorgeous infuse sage set has a fresh and amazing  smell  while promoting DESIRE , SELFLOVE and LOVE. One of my favorites infusen blends. If YOU Desire love with intention  this set is for you .


  • Black Spruce
  • grapefruit 
  • Bergamot
  • Lime 
  • lemon
  • neroli
  • Patchouli
  • Goldenrod


TIP: Burn before sex this with increase and intensfy desire!



Supports the circulatory system, opens up the blood vessels (Hey, that’s what that stuff on the commercial aims to do!…shhh) and better flow is a good thing. 



Is incredibly revitalizing and uplifting. It increases mental clarity, emotional openness, and concentration. It also promotes feelings of love and self-acceptance.



Increases energy levels. Its properties build courage, and stoke the fires of sexual desire and arousal.



Is a powerful reliever of stress and will help inspire you and uplift you as you tap into your creative flow and allow yourself to be a channel for divine creation.


Adds in  good luck, prosperity.


Awakens the senses and the physical body.

Patchouli :

 Patchouli aids in a sharp mind and being fully present with a partner or self, as well as overcoming fatigue.  Thus, big libido boost! Helps men relax and arouse.

This blend embodies warrior energy, and boosts vitality and immunity. This is definitely one of my favorite smudge sticks.


BENEFITS OF SAGE For thousands of years Sage has been a natural way to heal man. Whether it be in the form of, an oil, a tea, smoked or even juiced, it is a medicinal phenomenon. Sage is considered sacred and is an Angelic fragrance. It purifies environments and draws protection to home or person..


When burned the smoke heals and brings one back into balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. Burning Sage can help to relieve worry, open the mind, clear negative thoughts and feelings, and de-stress the spirit. The smoke clears away negative energy and attracts positive energy.

Desire Blend Caribbean Citrus

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