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The rose of Jericho is a plant known for its ability to return to life after many years of dormancy. It is also called a resurrection plant .


It is said that the Rose of Jericho brings blessings and good luck when kept in the house.


This plant often seem dried and dead but when you put a little water the balls open and looks like a radiant rose. Among the most well-known to get ride of negative energy.

1. Rose of Jericho Plant

2. Sage Spray

Cant burn sage  because of the smoke .

This product is perfect for use at home, outdoors, the workplace and school.3.


3.Sage Rose 🌹 diffuser oil

Oil Burners/ diffuser You place the essential oils into a bowl or plate (sometimes with water) and use a heat source to evaporate the volatile oils into the air. The heat can be created by a candle (often a tealight) or an electrical diffuser. Then enjoy .


How to Invoke the Power of Rose of JerichoSteps:

Place the plant in a dish of water with its roots submerged in the water.Allow it for about seven days and it will begin to rot after prolonged exposure to water.Sprinkle the water along the doorways of your home and business locations as this will bring you wealth and abundance.You can place the bowl containing the Rose of Jericho by your front door to attract prosperity.

Rose of Jericho bundle

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